Welcome To Black Science Fiction Society!

Welcome To Black Science Fiction Society!!!
It has long been a goal of mine to create an online community with a focus on Black Science Fiction. Not simply a group or magazine, but an interactive site where consumers as well as developers of
Black science fiction can communicate together.

My company TheDigitalBrothers.com is a multimedia company that develops various media from websites and graphics design to animation, video and DVD creation. I look forward to collaborations with those willing to work with us not only to be a great website but a hub of talent and development.


One thought on “Welcome To Black Science Fiction Society!

  1. HIGHLY needed. Science imagination is the fuel that black people need more than anything else to stimulate the abilities that will make us viable and able to protect ourselves. PLEASE don’t give up this site or idea. I’ve added this site to my list of recommended sites on my blog. Let me know what I can do to assist in the development of this project.

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