The State Of Black Science Fiction 2012

The State Of Black Science Fiction

Day 1

I believe that Black Science Fiction as a genre is in its infancy.
Historically as a rule, black involvement is science fiction has been that of secondary support roles or those that do not show us in a positive light. There have a few exceptions to that rule. To counter that, Blacks have been slowly infiltrating the science fiction genre. One way has been to create our own media that portray us in a positive light. This black science fiction genre continues to grow and spread.

It is not enough to simple be included but audiences are demanding that we play center stage in the realm of science fiction. This demand is not limited to acting but behind the scenes in such areas as development, writing, as well as ownership.

It has not been widely publicized but truly great things going on in a close knit independent underground culture of black sci-fi. There has recently been a boom in independent black science fiction related conventions, sites, magazines, books, movies, shows, animation movies and yes even toys.

There continues to be a wealth of talent in all areas of black science fiction. The challenges faced however include, financing, marketing, promotions, distribution and support to make the gains sustainable. There are great things to come, as time passes solutions to the challenges will be minimized and those involved will gain greater audiences and recognition which in turn will help the genre grow and flourish.

Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed


Check out the other members of this Online Black History Month Event: 

L. M. Davis, Author–began her love affair with fantasy in the second grade.  Her first novel, Interlopers: A Shifters Novel, was released in 2010, and the follow-up Posers:  A Shifters Novel will be released this spring.  For more information visit her blog or her website 

Milton Davis, Author – Milton Davis is owner/publisher of MVmedia, LLC . As an author he specializes in science fiction and fantasy and is the author of Meji Book One, Meji Book Two and Changa’s Safari. Visit him: and

Margaret Fieland, Author— lives  and writes in the suburbs west of Boston, MA with her partner and five dogs. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines is available from  Her book, “Relocated,” will be available from MuseItUp Publishing in July, 2012. The Angry Little Boy,” will be published by 4RV publishing in early 2013.  You may visit her website, 

Valjeanne Jeffers, Author — is an editor and the author of the SF/fantasy novels: Immortal, Immortal II: The Time of Legend and Immortal III: Stealer of Souls. Her fourth and fifth novels: Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds and The Switch: Clockwork will be released this spring. Visit her at: and

Alicia McCalla, Author- writes for both young adults and adults with her brand of multicultural science fiction, urban fantasy, and futurism. Her debut novel, Breaking Free will be available February 1, 2012.  The Breaking Free theme song created by Asante McCalla is available for immediate download on itunes and Amazon. Visit her at:

Carole McDonnell, Author–She writes Christian, speculative fiction, and multicultural stories. Her first novel is Wind Follower. Her short fiction has appeared in many anthologies and have been collected in an ebook, Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction. Visit Carole: or

Rasheedah Phillips,Author–is the creator of The AfroFuturist Affair in Philly. She plans to debut her first spec/sci-fic novel Recurrence Plot in Spring 2012. You may catch her ruminating from time to time on her blog,

Nicole Sconiers, Authoris also a screenwriter living in the sunny jungle of L.A. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, and she recently published Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage.  Visit her:

Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed. is owner & operator of, & Visit him:







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