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BlackScience FictionSociety‘s insight:

BOOK OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014 New African Fables for Adults By Stafford Battle Four adult fables from an African perspective are offered in Stafford Battle’s collection of short stories. Grapple with battling princes, warrior women, demons and monsters. Lust and revenge come into play when brothers seek the same throne and the love of a female slave. A sorceress takes her grandson into a desperate fight against an immortal demon. A father and son feud for the affections of a beautiful priestess who is betrothed to a god. A descendent of Nat Turner calls upon supernatural forces to extend a reign of terror. Four stories, four dilemmas to ponder. New African Fables are not for children nor the faint of heart. This is fiction with a different face. Africa is angry and seeking revenge and encouraging readers to rise up and fight back.

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