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by Kevin Sipp


The debut graphic novel in a series of high adventure….
Born into slavery in 1840 on the Amelia islands off the coast of Florida, David Walker Blackstone is an initiate of a host of African and world indigenous mystical traditions. Having settled in Boston after traveling the world and fighting in the civil war, Blackstone secures a job writing about crime and spiritual matters for a Boston newspaper. When a secret society of former abolitionists and post slavery freedom fighters headed by Frederick Douglas come looking for his spiritual services, Blackstone soon finds himself at the vanguard of a war between men, demons and gods for the soul of the world. The Amazing Adventures of David Walker Blackstone is Kevin Sipp’s first graphic novel. 

#GenesisSciFi #blacksciencefiction #blackscifi #afrofuturism #bsfs #blacksf

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