Rasheedah Prioleau

The works of Rasheedah Prioleau – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Source: www.rasheedahprioleau.com

American SpecterRasheedah Prioleau       Genre: Paranormal Mystery Date of Publication: Feb, 2014 ISBN: 978-0692226582ASIN: B00IOWGVZY Number of pages: 248Word Count: 72,000 Cover Artist: Roger Raymond Book Description: FBI Agent Audra Wheeler has been haunted for the last thirteen years by a paranormal attack that left her sister, Kendra, in a coma. Mentored by FBI Assistant Director Jonathan Cordero to investigate crimes committed by specters, Audra believes she is on the trail of a ‘serial killer’ specter with a MO very similar to her sister’s attacker. The investigation takes her to a small town of Specter, Georgia; a haven for ghosts who exist among the living. 

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