FEATURED VIDEO MAY 2015:The Next ITerati

FEATURED VIDEO MAY 2015:The Next ITeration
near-future drama featuring rebel scientists attempting to level the
playing field through secret distribution of advanced human-
enhancement technologies.

http://blacksciencefictionsociety.com/video/the-next-iteration-of-human-existence http://ow.ly/i/aI3Ce

Book Of The Month: Rebel Guardians (Sin

Book Of The Month: Rebel Guardians
(Sin Eaters Chronicles: Behind The Book Book 1) By Kai Leakes

The call to arms has gone global. Nephilim, who feel the “call” to the Grey, are the only ones who hear it’s beckoning. It’s up to them to help aid in the fight to fix their fractured Society or risk all to form a new one.

http://blacksciencefictionsociety.com/page/book-of-the-month http://ow.ly/i/aFyoM